Standard Width Dozer Tracks

$AUD 520.00$AUD 740.00


our new standard upgrade tracks are designed to suit the eaglemach dxr2 (rc4wd) and eaglemach 1:14 tracked loader .  made from hardened steel, they will outlast your machine

the new pin design also means no more pins walking out on you and costing down time from broken links or constantly stopping to do a track check.

at 47mm wide, they are are about 3mm wider than the stock factory tracks allowing for more weight & traction to the ground.

we have also included a rock hole in the grouser plate to allow excess rocks and dirt to be pushed out rather than putting extra load on your sprockets and idlers.

our tracks come in either durable yellow powder coat which closely match the dozer or our raw steel tracks which will give your dozer that realistic worked look.

in the standard configuration, the dozer uses 42 links per side, however, we highly recommend taking 1 link out per side to make a total of 41 links per side, in turn reducing front idler swing and excessive undercarriage wear.

What’s included (Dozer) :

  • 86x standard width track links
  • 90x track pins (V2.0)
  • 100x c-clips

What’s Included (Tracked Loader) :

  • 70x standard with track links
  • 75x track pins (V2.0)
  • 80x C-clips