Widened Dozer Track Kit

$AUD 1,150.00



Our new wide dozer tracks are designed to suit the Eaglemach DXR2 (RC4WD). Made from hardened steel.

The wide new grouser design has thicker plates and lugs to add even more weight to the ground, at 59mm wide these tracks bite in.

We have also included a rock hole in the grouser plate to allow excess rocks and dirt to be pushed out rather then putting extra load on your sprockets and idlers.

Our tracks come in either durable yellow powder coat which closely match the dozer yellow or our raw steel tracks which will give your dozer that realistic worked look.

Our wide tracks will not fit straight onto your dozer, however when you purchase a set of the wide tracks you will also receive a full undercarriage widening kit.

We have also done pull tests between our standard tracks and wide tracks with approximately an extra 5kgs of pull.

In the standard configuration the dozer uses 42 links per side however we highly recommend taking 1 link out per side to make a total of 41 links per side this in turn will reduce front idler swing and excessive undercarriage wear

What’s included:

  • 85x 59mm wide track links
  • 90x track pins
  • 100x c-clips
  • 2x pivot shaft spacers
  • 2x pivot shaft end caps
  • 2x final drive spacers
  • 1x widened equaliser arm
  • 24x M2 bolts 14mm


  • Tracks come assembled